About Us

Formed in 26th October 2017, Carus Sport & Event is an event arrangement/management company assembled by a group of individuals that are truly passionate about the health and fitness scene in Sarawak.

Main Goal

Forwarding thinking event management company formed by a team of passionate individuals that curate world class events that are both sustainable and community enriching.

Our Team

Our team plans and organizes multiple fitness events such as community workouts to bring everyone of different walks of life together.  

Our Approach

We put your organization first. We learn about your needs, we focus on your challenges, and we plan events to support your goals.



Our records

Below is a list of previous events that we have conducted to promote the fitness scene here in Sarawak
  • 2018 Reebok Speed TR Challenge – 50 Participants
  • 2019 Reebok 19.5 Challenge – 70 Participants
  • 2019 Spartan Community Workout @ Stadium Perpaduan – 300 Participants
  • 2019 Spartan Race Sarawak @ Semmengoh – 3,000 Participants
  • 2020 Spartan Community Workout @ Matang – 300 Participants
  • 2020 Spartan Community Workout @ CFK Training Ground – 150 Participants
  • 2020 Spartan Community Workout @ Bako – 250 Participants
  • 2020 Spartan Lockdown 6 week Online Challenge – 300+ Participants

We strive and aim to uphold the importance of fitness together

Awareness is key. From here we will associate with the relevant media groups in Kuching to further market and promote the events. Through this concept, we have gathered more followers as we focus towards the voice of the community and their wants in fitness and healthcare. We strive and aim to uphold the importance of fitness together.

Pictures of previous events